"Debbie has been instrumental in helping my daughter and I manage our sleep and emotional issues. She is a highly qualified Homeopath with many years of experience, not just in Australia but across the world. 

Her approach to each client is individual and caring, and mixes not just her skills and knowledge in Homeopathy, but she also can assist with nutrition and diet suggestions. It’s an all round approach that I have found to be extremely helpful and functional. 

She is always friendly and approachable and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to treat an issue to see her, if you want to get a holistic approach to not just feeling better, but a change of lifestyle that will serve you for years to come." Nicole 


"WOW what an amazing weekend retreat in the mountains.
Thank you for opening my mind and body. 
The morning yoga was a beautiful way to wake up. Having to walk upstairs to the morning light, overlooking the beautiful blue mountains, gently stretching out the body then getting into some strong postures was a perfect start to the day!
Loved learning about Homeopathy. Your passion is infectious!
The meals were delicious - thanks for sharing the recipes, I've now ordered the cookbook!
Afternoon meditation and relaxation was sublime. Never thought I could see myself from the outside in but it works and I've learnt so much about bringing myself back to the mat - it truly is the most beautiful way to re-centre.
Please do another retreat soon - I'll definitely be there!"  


"I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing weekend away, 'Mums on the Mountain' was a fantastic experience, from the accommodation to the food, yoga and the meditation.

I would recommend to anyone that wants to feel the best they ever have to attend a retreat with you or attend your yoga classes. I found your direction and help with my yoga possess very valuable. Thank you so much for a truly remarkable experience. I loved the food so much I brought the cookbook you had and have started making some of the vegetarian dishes. Please let me know if you book another retreat as I would love to attend again." Kim. 


"I have been attending yoga classes with Debbie for a while and find her caring nature is complimented by her understanding of yoga and natural therapies. Debbie is passionate about supporting all of us on our journey to maximise our potential and stay healthy and mindful at the same time. Debbie always takes the time to check in with everyone, how their day has been, how their body is feeling and reminds us all not to overdo it, don't compete with anyone else or yourself. Debbie is realistic in her expectations of herself and others around her. 

I look forward to continuing my journey alongside Debbie." Philippa.


“I have been seeing Deb for two years,  when I decided  to switched from practicing Hatha to Asthana yoga, I did not  think I could do it, but Deb  is very compassionate and very patient with my body.

She is not only a yoga instructor  but she is also a registered homeopath. I am a big fan of natural medicines and I attended her homeopathy at home workshop it was brilliant to say the least I can honestly say I have learnt a lot about homeopathy

I am not a good sleeper and been using one home kit remedy from the workshop and since then I have slept like a baby AWESOME RESULT!!!  Thank you, Deb!

I have so much to be grateful for having Deb in my life,  she helps me a lot. I would highly recommend Deb either as a yoga instructor or as a homeopath,  and before you reach for over the counter medicine please try a homeopathic remedy first you will be surprised!” Gem.


"Debbie has been my yoga instructor for the last 4 years in a lead class & also private lessons.. She is a true professional & her classes are nothing short of addictive.

Not only is she an inspiring teacher, she is extremely committed, passionate & dedicated to each & every one of her students. Providing personal guidance & support.  Since I started yoga, I can see so many positive benefits from it, not only with the physical aspect but also with my state of mind, plus Debbie has given me the confidence to be able to practice at home on my own too. Thank you, Debbie, … I’m so grateful for all the hours you have guided & taught me." Brigitta.