So, what's in the name 'Like cures Like Holistic Healing'?

It all started with my interest in Homoeopathy (I’ll tell you all about that in my next blog), for those of you that don’t know, the underlying philosophy of this modality of medicine is ‘like cures like’.

Over 200 years ago there was a medical doctor, Dr Samuel Hahnemann who felt that medicine at the time was causing more harm than good (bearing in mind that medical practices back then included treatments such as bloodletting which is where patients were bled to rid the body of disease) and more people were dying rather than being cured. So, Dr Hahnemann resigned from medical practice, however he still had to earn a living and being highly educated he commenced employment translating medical writings. In one of the writings he translated he read that the bark of the cinchona tree was known to treat the symptoms of malaria. For some unknown reason, Hahnemann decided to take some of the bark (in the absence of malaria) only to find that it brought on all the symptoms of the disease. He began to experiment further with other substances in a similar way and came to the conclusion that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy subject is also capable of curing similar symptoms in the diseased subject. He went further to say that no medicine should be given to a patient without clinical experiment first and ironically, he developed the concept of clinical trials.

I played with this concept in my head for years, and if you think about it, it makes total sense…. Bathing in warm water after getting badly sunburnt is so much more soothing than bathing in ice cold water, a throbbing, bruised finger (having an ex-tradie husband I know this symptom well) is cured by a throbbing headache and the emotional trauma after a break up with your spouse is suddenly irrelevant after the news of the death of a loved one …… can you see how in every case the cure is similar?

This concept all really only clicked for me after becoming a mum, having two babies a year apart was a real shock to my system…. Going from being an independent, hardworking, high achieving woman that practiced yoga 6x a week and had my life practically planned to T…. to barely being able to get dressed some mornings and literally having to deal with my day moment to moment with absolutely no planning what so ever – this was a huge adjustment! However, the thing that made it all easier, was to go down to the park, meet other mums that were all going through the same change and talk to absolute strangers that were actually exactly the same and experiencing the same feelings and challenges that I was going through – this ‘therapy’ made the whole transition so much easier.

Eventually I reached the milestone of having to get back to work as the finances were low and the children were ready for more interaction with the outside world. I decided to start my own business so that I could hopefully meet the needs of my family while slowly contributing to the bank account. Being a more ‘clinical’ person, business skills are not something that came naturally to me, so I started talking to family and friends in business and very quickly became overwhelmed …. How was I possibly going to juggle it all?!?

It was not until I joined a group that was started by a good friend of mine (and her college) that had children a similar age to mine plus one extra, called Business school for mums…. From the first live webinar, I knew I was in the right place, surrounded by 1000’s of other mums maintaining their ‘mummy/wifey/housey’ duties while running successful businesses. I was so utterly inspired….it was possible to be a mum and be in business, the whole concept was cemented…. Being surrounded by a like-minded group gave me the push to take the step………and ‘Like cures Like Holistic Healing’ was borne!

…. Stay tuned for my next blog: ‘It’s all about quality of life, being the best you, you can be’

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