We are only a few weeks away from Christmas holidays, and while things may look a little different in 2020, socialising is on the increase and it’s good to keep up with good habits. Fresh healthy food helps maintain a healthy immune system. Here are a few tips to help you find balance, which is the foundation of good health.

Look at the big picture A few days of eating and drinking too much are not going to make much difference to your health or weight in the long term. Sometimes it’s more important to focus on time spent eating and drinking with family and friends and enjoying Christmas for the overindulgent tradition that it is. Connection and laughter play a big part in our overall health and wellbeing. And if you’ve been waiting all year to eat some of your mums Christmas cake – go for it!

Avoid eating just for the sake of it Think about why you’re eating. Are you hungry, bored, or just eating because its Christmas? While a little indulgence is fine, try not to overdo it or you swing the other way into detox or restriction which doesn’t work in the long term. Focus on embracing moderation and allow a few indulgences – ones that you really want and will enjoy – and then, when Christmas is over go back to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Start the day with a wholesome breakfast.

Try to eat breakfast around an hour or so after waking up and include some good quality protein into your breakfast. Some good examples are eggs any way you like with avocado and sourdough toast, or oats soaked in milk (or nut mylk) with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit, or a smoothie made with fresh milk, fruit and yoghurt. Toast with jam is not what we are looking for in a healthy breakfast!

Don’t go to parties hungry

You are more likely to overindulge in fatty salty foods. Try to eat a small healthy snack that includes protein and vegetables before you go out. A good example would be some lean grilled chicken that’s left over from lunch with a little avocado spread on top and a squeeze of lemon. Perfect!

Eat mindfully

It’s easy to get carried away when you are talking to people at a party. Before you know it half a wheel of cheese is gone! Try smaller portions or stick to veggie sticks and dips. Better yet, grab a glass of sparkly water and move away from the buffet!

Keep an eye on your alcohol intake

This is where most people come unstuck. While enjoying a drink or two is fine, try to keep your serving sizes small, drink water in between and alternate between alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks where possible. If you do overdo it, make sure you eat healthily the next day and get some exercise to help the body detox and self-regulate again. Getting run down due to too much alcohol can lead to weight gain as well as fatigue and you are more susceptible to viruses and bugs due to lowered immunity.

Focus on lean protein and vegetables

The buffet will be full of starchy carbs but keep the portions small and focus on fresh healthy seafood, lean meat and fresh fruit and salads. Yum!

So, the overall message is this – stay consistent with your healthy diet and you will maintain your weight and avoid illness.

Homeopathy for overindulgence

There are homeopathic remedies to assist with overindulgence. Nux vomica is popular, and those of you who have done the ‘Homeopathy at Home’ course with me will have this in your kit to use. This remedy is helpful for 'overindulgence' of any kind. You can take it before big events which will help you to know your limits and prevent overindulgence as well as after an event to restore balance, stabilize the gut and assist 'overindulgence' recovery.

Q DETOX is the remedy I have co-created with Mel Owen-Browne as part of the Q Range. This remedy is helpful post events to assist the detoxification process of things you normally wouldn't have eaten or drunk, allowing your body to get back to 'normal' faster and reduce the impact of the change in your 'normal' habits. You can buy it directly from me, or via our Q Drops sales website:

As always, if you need individual assistance for health concerns you can book to see me either via the website or call on

0415 847 429

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