How To Care For Teenage Skin

Being a teenager can be difficult on so many levels. Young people can feel pressure around them from every part of their life, which contributes to stress.

There is pressure from peers, pressure from school and even pressure from your first part time job. Working out who you are, what you like and what you’re good at can be tough enough, without adding teenage hormones into the mix!

Those pesky hormones can turn day to day life problems into a blemish-prone complexion which brings a different kind of stress. Self-identity and appearance are closely linked for teens, and acne prone skin can affect a young person’s confidence.

While we assume acne is a natural part of teenage life, it doesn’t need to be and there are ways to manage skin care that can ease the burden for young people.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult helping your child work through puberty, establishing a good skin care routine, early, is important. But before we can manage blemish prone skin, let’s have a look at where the problems come from. This helps shift the focus from quick fixes to long term skin health.

A rise in hormones (particularly androgens) can cause excess oil production. This can lead to clogged pores, bacteria, inflammation, infection and yup, you guessed it— pimples! The best way to help your teenager avoid bad skin days is to teach them how to keep their skin in tip-top condition.

Teaching them a few healthy skin habits can empower them while also helping them to hang on to that smooth, fresh-faced complexion for longer.

The key to any routine is simplicity, and what could be simpler than a three step process?

Cleanse. Moisturise. Protect. It’s as easy as that!

Step 1 - Cleanse

Gently cleansing tween and teen skin skin daily is important. This helps to get rid of surface dirt, natural oil build up and dead skin cells, which can cause blocked pores and blackheads.

Younger skin can be much more sensitive than more “experienced” skin so it’s important to steer clear of harsh or irritating ingredients. Avoid soap, artificial fragrances and chemicals and instead choose natural products.

Step 2 - Moisturise

No matter your age, it’s always a great idea to moisturise after cleansing. Apply a light natural moisturizer each morning and night to help balance teen and tween skin.

You can skip this step if you follow step 3 instead.

Step 3 - Protect

Getting into the habit of sun protection is essential for healthy skin. Choose a light and easy to apply lotion. Thick, greasy creams won’t feel nice and your teen is less likely to use them.


Homeopathy treats the skin condition from the root cause, bringing the body back to balance and essentially 'eliminating' or lessening symptoms. The idea of homeopathy is less is more, and with this in mind, ideally, we take a small amount of remedy to get the maximum effect.

When we complete the remedy, we don’t want the symptoms to return. In this case it’s pimples, so therefore we are not looking to stop the symptoms, but we are boosting the body’s immune system or vital force in order for the individual organism to self-regulate and heal.

Some of the common remedies to treat skin conditions are:

Hepar Sulph - helpful for small pimples, particularly on the forehead and lips that are yellow and have a tendency to get infected.

Kali Brom - Large, bluish red pimples which leave scars. They have a depressed centre and can be found mainly on the forehead or above the nose and eyebrows. Also found on the shoulders and back.

Silica – Helps to diffuse acne especially around the cheeks, which consists of deep hard deep pimples, often not coming to a head or showing no pus. These pimples slowly reabsorb leaving a pitting scar. After this remedy the pimple often begins to discharge, helping to clear the skin and heal.

If you try these treatments and yet your skin or your child’s skin is not clearing up, there may be an underlying cause that requires individualised care.

Feel free to book an appointment directly via the website, or call me on 0415 847 429.

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