Quality of life - are you happy with yours?

Well, believe it or not, my mother is actually a pharmacist, yes, I grew up in a pharmacy counting pills and referring to medications by their active ingredients. I remember going to work with my mom on Saturday mornings and listening to her telling patients which medications were for what, which medications interacted with which and possible side effects they may experience. Back in the day before the pharma world was so commercialised, pharmacists actually had to make up the prescriptions, count up the tablets and individually package and label the boxes or bottles. It all seemed very complicated but I loved the idea of ‘making people better’ and assisting in the healing process. In hind sight now it was interesting how you really got to know the patients that came into the pharmacy because it was always the same people coming back to get their chronic medications or more medications or simply the same ones seasonally for the same old illnesses and I wonder now if the medications were actually helping them or making it worse?

Anyway, my brother had asthma and over the years it became more and more severe, at an early age he started developing anxiety about doing sport in fear of the fact that he may not be able to breath if he exerted himself to much…this was unfortunate as he was a brilliant sportsman. Obviously, my mum was in the ‘know’ and took him to all the Doctors and specialists she could, he was on all the latest medications and inhalers but nothing seemed to be working. After a visit to our family GP one day, she recommended that my mom took him to see this ‘Homeopath’ she had heard of that was known to have dealt with similar cases.

At this point my mom was willing to try anything for her little boy, and although this modality seemed ‘a little different’ from what she was used to, there was nothing to lose really, so she took him to the homeopath……. can you believe, that after 6 months of taking little white pills and potions on and off, all his symptoms seem to have disappeared, we couldn’t even remember that anxious little boy that was now playing provincial hockey and swimming and competitively competing in every sport under the sun……20 years later, and still no signs of that asthma!

And that was that, my mum then went on to study homeopathy. Even my dad was blown away after suffering from severe travel sickness, I mean he couldn’t even be in the passenger seat of a car for more than 100 m without vomiting his heart out…when mom gave him 4 little pills to suck under his tongue on a long trip once, and he was in the passenger seat for 10 hours without vomiting there was no way this was going unnoticed. On his next trip, he took another 4 pills with the same result. Since those two trips he has no need to even take the pills anymore and he can even comfortably be a passenger in the car when I’m driving 😊

Now, I am not claiming that homeopathy can ‘cure’ everything for everyone, but it definitely worked for our family and continually does for us. Everyone is an individual and we all respond differently to everything; however, it is fairly obvious that we need to take responsibility for our own bodies, we need to be in control of how we treat them and the aim we should have is quality of life. Life is so short and we should make the most of every situation whatever that may mean to us. All I am saying is don’t get stuck thinking and feeling that we have to live with our pain, discomfort and side effects. if you are happy and healthy and truly enjoying your life, that’s fantastic news! But if you are not, then find a way to support yourself that works for you, be open to different approaches, don’t be judgmental until you have tried it or at least done some research…. Look for longevity, look for a modality that helps you be the best you can be…and you never know just what you may find!

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