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Do you have specific goals that you are training for, like a sporting event? Are you a student in an intense phase of study? A busy working person with life responsibilities and a stressed-out nervous system? A mother of young children with sleepless nights?

Or do you ask yourself how will you look and feel 5 years from now? What you do today will impact your future, so take charge today to become healthy and stay healthy!

When our cells are healthy, and when cell metabolism is optimised, we can maintain our inner strength and build strong immunity. Your cells are the key to whether you will age gracefully or too quickly. What you eat, your lifestyle and habits, all affect your vitality and your immunity.

We hear a lot of talk regarding the role of different nutrients, vitamins and minerals and how they affect our health. Did you know that you need calcium to support bone health? Did you also know, that if your cells are unable to absorb crude calcium, then you can consume all the calcium in the world but your cells won’t be able to deliver the nutrition to where it needs to go.

A similar effect occurs when we take magnesium to assist with muscular recuperation from exercise, and to assist with relaxation and sleep. We may take over the counter tablets or powder, however, the mineral will not be delivered to the cells where it is required, if the cell is not able to receive it. Here is where tissue salts are helpful, in that they provide the key to the unlock the cell’s potential.


Minerals are inorganic substances found in soil and rocks. Your body gets these minerals from foods - from eating plants that absorb them from the earth and by eating meat from animals, which consume plants. Without minerals your body could not repair or build new tissue, contract and relax muscles, transmit nerve impulses, clot blood, maintain optimal pH, keep your heart beating and keep your immune system healthy.

A proper mineral balance is necessary for normal cell function & the maintenance of good health. Giving the cells the essential nutrients (mineral salts) they lack, can restore health. When our blood is lacking the necessary nutrients, cellular activity declines & our bodies become prone to illness. Minerals are the basic building blocks of the body. Vitamins are often ineffective without the presence of associated minerals. Cell nutrition can be revitalized by supplying the deficient mineral salt in a readily assimilated form.


As we age, our cells are stressed by:

Environmental stress

Chemicals in food and poor dietary habits

Air pollutants

Alcohol and stimulants

Fast foods

Lack of exercise

Physical and emotional stress

Lack of sleep


These stresses can also make our body can more acidic. Acidity builds inflammation in your cells. It slows down weight loss and absorption of vitamins and minerals. It is best to aim to stay alkaline throughout your lifetime to slow down the ageing process and keep chronic illness away. A rainbow of fresh fruit and vegetables, appropriate exercise, rest and reducing toxins can go a long way to helping the body become alkaline.


Tissue Salts are a Homeopathically prepared micro-dose of the body’s 12 vital Minerals. Tissue salts are “vital cell foods” and can be taken at any stage of life, including during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood.

Tissue Salts are non-toxic and non-addictive and produce no side effects. They can be safely used alongside prescriptive medicines.

In addition to their many health benefits, cell salts are an ideal treatment if you are concerned about digestive complications, or if you are ill or have a gut that doesn’t function optimally.

Cell salts do not require any further digestive breakdown, so they are safe for individuals who suffer frequent stomach upset or indigestion. Tissue salts are absorbed into the blood via mucosa in the mouth thus bypassing the gut and promoting tissue healing directly at a cellular level.

Tissue salts are taken in form of a lactose-calcium based tablet or pellet and also as an oral spray (good if you’re lactose intolerant).

Sometimes high doses of certain minerals can lead to gastrointestinal complications, such as constipation or diarrhea. Because cell salts are administered at homeopathic potency, as long as you follow the directions for proper usage, you cannot take too much.

If you have further questions, specific needs or are curious to learn more, please contact me:

Debbie Gilligan 0415 847 429


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