Supporting your immune system Homeopathically.

Homeopathy works on the principle of ‘like cures like’. This means that any substance that causes a symptom in a healthy person, can eliminate that same symptom in the ‘sick’ person.

Think of the symptoms that you may experience when chopping onions. You get a runny nose and watering eyes that improve once you walk away from the onion into open air, don’t you?

So if you came to see a homeopath with a Cold and your symptoms were watering eyes and a runny nose that improves when you are in open air, I would possibly prescribe you the remedy Allium Cepa – which is onion, but in a highly diluted form – which makes it homeopathic.

The aim of Homeopathic treatment is not essentially to STOP the symptoms you are experiencing by suppressing them. This is only a band aid. The aim is to strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM (in homeopathy we call it the vital force) to ‘kick out’ the symptoms from the inside.

In this way we are strengthening the immune system rather than using an external substance to take the place of the immune system. You will find that by treating your ailments Homoeopathically, over time, your immune system will become stronger and more resilient.

However, there are some remedies that are well known to assist in the first stages of illness that are accepted as ‘first aid’ remedies which may be especially effective at the onset of a cold.

The top 5 Immune boosting remedies that I would recommend you always have in your kit are:

  • Aconite: Symptoms appear suddenly after exposure to cold wind and or emotional shock.

  • Ferrum phos: early stages of any inflammatory conditions with few characteristic features

  • Gelsemium: Extreme fatigue, heavy aching muscles, trembling, chills up and down the spine

  • Allium Cepa: Dripping nose and very watery eyes

  • Kali mur: (low potency) for sore throat, swollen glands and blocked ears

REMEMBER that the aim of a homeopathic remedy is not necessarily stop the symptoms in their tracks but rather decrease the duration and intensity of the illness while supporting your own immune system.

The best course of action is to see a registered Homeopath who can help you find a remedy that fits all of your symptoms most appropriately for you. After all there are about 7000 remedies so this can be a challenging task 😊

Listen to your body, get enough sleep, eat foods that meet your nutritional needs optimally, avoid excess of anything, and try to exercise regularly and in a way that you can maintain. Treat your symptoms homoeopathically, remember to laugh lots 😊 and finally enjoy your increased vitality and strong immune system.

If you would like a personalised consultation please call me on 0415 847 429.

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