Have you ever noticed how good you feel after time spent in nature? How much you crave a long walk in the bush or a swim in the ocean and how calm and centred you feel afterwards? You may not be aware of the effects consciously, but a part of us is always craving down time away from the city, away from work, away from our technology.

This effect is very natural and is known as grounding, or earthing. Earthing is based on the knowledge that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is the foundation for good health. Earthing or grounding simply means to have direct bare skin contact with the Earth either by walking barefoot outside on grass, sand or dirt or by connecting to an indoors Earthing product which we will look at in more detail later in this article.

The Earth is a conductor of free electrons and, as the human body is made of mostly water and minerals, we are conductors too. The human body is a living matrix, and electrical energy is the central connector between living cells. When we have bare skin contact with the Earth, free electrons are taken up into the body. These electrons help to neutralise and balance out an excess of damaging free radicals in our body. If these free radicals grow in number, they can cause inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is widely acknowledged as one of the primary factors contributing to premature aging, pain, fatigue, poor sleep, auto-immune disorders and chronic disease. Earthing can assist to reduce and possibly eliminate inflammation which help make it the most natural and power anti-inflammatory solution around.

Earthing also helps to harmonise and stabilise the body's basic biological rhythms. The human heart, brain and nervous system are electrical sub systems operating within our bioelectrical bodies. The Earth’s surface has a negative charge and when we connect to it, the Earth restores the electrical stability of our body, which allows us to better self-regulate and heal. This effect helps promote overall well-being, health and vitality.

Human beings have always walked barefoot, slept on the ground and cultivated the land with their bare hands. Over time our modern lifestyle has disconnected us from the Earth’s energy through the widespread use of insulated rubber or plastic-soled shoes, we sleep on insulated mattresses and live in homes built off the ground. Our home and work environments surround us with man-made electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, smart phones, Wi-Fi, microwaves and mobile phone towers which continuously send out a positive electrical charge and create free radical damage to human cells and tissue.

In recent decades we’ve seen a rise in the incidence of chronic disease. As a society, we have higher rates of allergies, auto-immune conditions, and insomnia. One overlooked reason for this is that the immune system is functioning less efficiently as humans are increasingly disconnected from the Earth’s energy. Electrons from the Earth function as a nutrient for the human body to counteract the damaging effects of our modern lifestyle.

You can get started with earthing by simply going for a walk outside with no shoes on. Go outside and give it a try and see what a difference it can make to your pain and stress levels. Try doing that a few days a week for 30 minutes each time. Grass, sand, dirt and plain concrete are the best conductive surfaces and even better when they're damp. Swimming in the ocean is also a wonderful way to earth, but we all know that instinctively, when we live here on the northern beaches.

However, for those times when outdoor earthing is inconvenient, there is another solution. A range of earthing products (link at the bottom of the article) are a terrific way to start earthing at home at your own convenience. Try these simple steps on your own and if you need more support, have a look at the website below.

My family and I have been using the products and have had many positive effects, on our health, sleep and the children’s behaviour. I highly recommend you consider these products, particularly the ones to protect from harmful EMF pollution as part of your overall health and wellness care.

If you require more detailed help with a particular issue, feel free to message me or book in for an appointment via the website.


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